Slow Fashion – A Stylish and Sustainable Solution

What is fast fashion and why is it bad? How can I be a more sustainable consumer?

In this blog, we’re discussing sustainability in fashion and why there’s never been a better time to start shopping vintage and preloved. Read on to find out more about the consequences of cheap clothing and how living a more sustainable life can start at the wardrobe.

Why You Should Care About Sustainability

As we move towards a future marked by specific environmental goals and expectations, there’s growing pressure on both organisations and individuals to take responsibility and do what they can to reduce their environmental footprint and lay the foundations for a fairer, greener future. This involves finding ways to live more sustainably by making conscientious choices that take into consideration the planet and the people and wildlife which call it home.

The commitment to sustainability is a spectrum which differs from person to person. Whilst some make big lifestyle changes, others may be limited to taking action in smaller ways – which in practice could look like ditching single-use plastic, choosing to support local/independent businesses or buying second-hand.

What is Fast Fashion and Why is it Bad?

Fast fashion is inexpensive clothing which is produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.

Whilst it may seem convenient to buy into fast fashion – it’s a thoroughly unsustainable model which causes significant social and environmental damage. The ability to mass produce clothes quickly and at such a low price point is achieved in most instances by exploiting workers through low pay and very poor working conditions.

It also creates and perpetuates a wasteful culture, where garments are worn once or twice before being discarded and replaced with the next fleeting trend. This is terrible for the environment, as it means large quantities of clothes end up languishing in a landfill or being incinerated which releases harmful emissions and pollutes the surrounding landscape.

Slow Fashion – A Sustainable Solution

Something clearly has to change – and shopping second-hand is a great place to start.

Unlike fast fashion, purchasing vintage or pre-loved clothes doesn’t involve the depletion of resources or involve the exploitation of any workers. It’s an effective way to revamp your wardrobe without harming the planet – and can often be a lot cheaper than buying something brand new!

It’s also worth noting that the image of second-hand clothing has changed considerably over the last few years. Second-hand clothes are no longer confined to the realms of charity shops or house clearances and instead can now be purchased on a wide range of trendy, modern platforms which allow users to quickly sell on clothes they no longer wear or love.

This means that second-hand clothing is no longer perceived as dated or passé. An increase in the number of people buying and selling in the second-hand clothes market has increased the options available, with a wide range of styles and trends being circulated.

Whatever your taste, the second-hand clothes market offers something for everyone. All that’s needed is a little knowledge and the patience to search for something special.

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